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Our Team

CEO: Mohamed Fiad

Mr. Fiad is the founder and CEO of System Façade Solutions. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Alexandria and over 20 years of experience in running a successful facade installation and consulting business in Egypt. He has collaborated with variety of clients in commercial, residential and public sectors from Egypt and Europe on major projects in North Africa. Main role of the CEO will be defining the strategic direction of the company and establishing partnerships across Canada and beyond.

COO: Amr Fahmy El Attar

Mr. Fahmy has a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from Higher Technological Institute in Cairo and 13 years of experience as a senior architect and project manager. He is a co-founder of BeGroup a full-service construction company. Main role of COO will be overseeing the budget activities, defining the organizational policy of System Façade Solutions and guiding the R&D projects.

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