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Updates From System Façade Solutions


At System Façade Solutions, we're proud to announce two major milestones that mark significant advancements in our journey towards transforming the construction industry through innovative, AI-driven solutions for energy efficiency and façade selection. These achievements underscore our commitment to sustainability and technological innovation in Canada.

Development of Innovative Software Prototype

Groundbreaking Software Prototype Developed

We are excited to reveal our innovative software platform, designed under the leadership of our CEO, Mr. Mohamed Fiad. This platform leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to predict and optimize energy savings in building designs, representing a pivotal step towards sustainable construction practices. Accessible at System Façade Solutions Software, our software offers optimized façade solutions by analyzing architectural drawings against extensive weather and material data, ensuring energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing building designs.

Strategic Collaboration with The Wilshire Company Inc.

Collaboration with Leading Canadian Construction Firm

In a significant stride towards applying our technological advancements in real-world settings, we have secured a collaboration with The Wilshire Company Inc., a leader in the Canadian construction industry. This partnership will see our software prototype being tested in upcoming projects, facilitating real-world data and feedback integration to refine our technology further. This collaboration not only highlights our shared commitment to sustainability but also positions Canada at the forefront of sustainable construction practices.


These milestones are not just achievements but stepping stones towards realizing our vision of a sustainable construction industry in Canada and beyond. We are grateful for the support and collaboration from our partners and look forward to making a lasting impact on the environment and economy.